A powerful, modular node for bitcoin and blockchain-based apps.

Blazing fast, built on Bitcoin

Bitcore is a full bitcoin node — your apps run directly on the peer-to-peer network. For wallet application development, additional indexes have been added into Bitcoin for querying address balances, transaction history, and unspent outputs.

Open Source

Bitcore is 100% open source, powered by the time-tested and battle-hardened Bitcore Library.

Apps built on Bitcore benefit from the extensive testing and review of dozens of bitcoin companies and community contributors.

Full-Featured & Extensible

Bitcore provides a powerful blockchain API and the Insight blockchain explorer, right out of the box.

A modular, service-based architecture makes Bitcore a perfect platform for enterprise applications.

Built on Bitcoind

To build reliable bitcoin and blockchain-based applications, compatibility with Bitcoin is essential.

Bitcore uses the source code of Bitcoin directly, so accidental chain forks are a thing of the past.

Get Started

Learn more about Bitcore with one of our guides or Bitcore development tutorials.


Dive into the full API documentation. Bitcore provides an extensive blockchain API right out of the box, and can be extended with dozens of modules and services.

Built on Bitcore

Bitcore™ © BitPay, Inc. Bitcore is released under the MIT license.